2nd Reminder: Seed Swap

**UPDATE** If you have sent in payment for renewal, check to see if I have received it on the Plot Map Page. Note: I will be updating the plot map this weekend (19/20) to reflect renewals.

**UPDATE* Please note, double plots are $55, despite pricing in recent e-mail.

This is your second reminder about the Seed Swap scheduled for Thursday, February 17th.
If you haven’t downloaded a flier for your fridge, it can be found on the front page of the website or through this link.
Feel free to bring friends and something delectable to eat.

If you have garden related items like gardening books or old magazines, old tools, advice, or any of this sort of thing, you can bring these helpful items to give away to other gardeners.  Also feel free to bring seed catalogs from your favorite sellers! This is a great time to order seeds, or go in on an order with a friend!

Bring your seeds & a smile! Try to include as much information about home-collected seeds as possible, similar to commercial seed packs.

—— This area can be safely ignored by all persons on the wait list ——–

Bring your dues to the Seed Swap, if you are a resident gardener. I will be giving all checks to Kimberly McNultuy (treasurer) by the following Friday.
If you would like to send your renewal fee early, please send to our NEW PO BOX:

Fox Point Community Garden
PO BOX 603127
PROV  RI  02906
  • Your plot renewal fee is probably $25.
  • Small plots (mostly in the new garden area) are $20.
  • Large single plots are $37.50
  • Double plots are $55. << Please note adjustment; I forgot that double plots increased to $55 in 2010.

If you have any question about it, just let me know and I will look up what you paid last year.  If you are unsure and just want to send me a check, send one. If there is a difference in price, I will let you know.
I will be picking up renewal checks  from the Post Office after the seed swap, then all checks will be deposited the following week.

—— End safely ignored text ——–

If you are interested in sharing a plot, let me know.  I am aiming to have the first batch of wait list plots assigned by March 1. Thank you all for your patience.

I’m sure there’s something I will have forgotten to include in this email. I will update and answer common questions on the website, so please check it occasionally.

Happy pre-gardening!

(Keri Marion)

2 thoughts on “2nd Reminder: Seed Swap

  • February 12, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    There was a question about bringing some containers to put seeds in. I like coin envelopes – tiny manila envelopes like these they keep the seeds dry and are easy to write on and store.

  • February 9, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    Ask questions here! This way I don’t have to send out a million emails 😉 With Love, K!


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