NY Times Article about Weed Prevention

Thanks, Martha (66), for sending it on!

In the Garden –  Fending Off the Weeds With Newsprint

Published: September 8, 2010

That’s the theory, anyway. The last time Rock and I tried this on new ground, for a potato patch, the newspapers had not decomposed by spring planting time. But I think the layers were too thick. I had probably figured that if 4 sheets were good, 12 would be better. I was wrong: less is more, stick to four.

I forgot to sprinkle cottonseed meal over the cut grass, before laying down and wetting the newspapers, to give the young seedlings a boost of nitrogen. But maybe I’ll scratch some in, around the broccoli plants and other seedlings, once they start to grow.

After wetting the newspapers, I shoveled about four inches of compost (read the rest at NYTimes.com)