squash bugs in terrace

From Hannah:

Just wanted to let you know that all the summer squash plants are infested with the squash vine borer. I pulled a dozen or so of the nasty little buggers out yesterday by slicing the main stem vertically and removing them with a knife. It is very important that the damaged stems stay covered with moist soil to encourage re-roooting. I think we might lose 1 or 2 plants unfortunately, but they might stand a chance if they stay properly watered and covered. If you could spread the word for people to pay closer attention it will help out a lot! Fingers crossed.

Providence Urban Chickens

from Leo @ scclt:

Hello friends of urban chickens,

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on where we are, what’s
coming down the pipeline this week, and how we are planning on moving

Last Thursday, Katherine, Nicole, and I went to the City Council
meeting to try to speak with the Ordinance Committee members before
the Council meeting and gauge whether they would be likely to support
the ordinance change. We spoke with Councilmen Narducci, Solomon,
Hassett, and Yurdin (Cliff Wood was late, but he’s also the sponsor of
the ordinance change). All seemed very supportive of the ordinance
change, but emphasized similar concerns: that we make sure the
ordinance language is “done right.” I would assume that this is
connected to the concerns that we’ve already anticipated (smell,
noise, rats, predators, humane treatment, etc.), but this is important
to keep in mind.

At the Council meeting, the request for the ordinance change was sent
straight to the Ordinance Committee, as we expected. The Ordinance
Committee meets this Thursday, 7/22, at 5:30 pm at City Hall
(Committee Room A, I believe?). We would like to have as many people
there as possible in the room to show support for the ordinance, but
we’ve been told that it would be best if only 4-5 people spoke to the
Ordinance Committee. We don’t want to irritate the members by
dragging the meeting on and on, but please invite friends, family, and
chicken-loving strangers alike to show up on Thursday at 5:30. If we
have a huge turnout in numbers, that will help us show the Ordinance
Committee that there are a lot of people in Providence who support
having backyard hens! Kate has been working on getting a chicken
design made so that everyone at the Ordinance meeting can wear a
Providence Chicken sticker and show what ward you live in. Kate, do
you want to email that to this list?

Here’s who we have lined up to speak already: Christie Moulton (Farm
Fresh), Christine Chitnis, Leo Pollock (SCLT). If you are interested
in speaking, please email me directly and we can figure out the
details. But once again, we will be better off if we have a room full
of people in support, but a very small number of people to speak so
that we keep the meeting short and sweet.

I’ve attached the most updated version of our Chicken Packet, which we
have been and will be handing out to all of the Council members. Hope
to see many of you Thursday!

Yours in the chicken revolution,


Potluck Schedule

The next potluck is scheduled for Thursday, July 22. Apparently, we missed the first one, so I’d like to make it up and have another one at the end of July and two in August as well. We need more potlucks

I’d like to schedule the 2nd July potluck for Saturday July 31. All potlucks are at the garden and are weather sensitive.

Board Positions Available

There are presently 2 spots available on the Board. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact me.

Workday Changed:

Every Thursday evening is an unofficial work day, and it seems to be working out really well so far. I’m scheduling an official workday for Saturday, July 24th from 8am-5, weather permitting. If you would like to come earlier than that, please don’t let me stop you. I’ll have a list of things posted on the bulletin board if you can’t make the scheduled work hours or wish to come earlier in the day.


We’re going to be selling organic fish fertilizer next week for $10/bottle. I bought 4 gallons, which should be about 32 bottles. It’s concentrated, fantastic stuff! If you can, let me know that you want some, that way if I need to order more I can see if it’s possible.

There’s more information to come in the next few days after I get the minutes from the prez, so consider this is a head’s up.