Workdates, Comin’ Up!

UPDATE: Work will begin on plot frames on Thurs. June 10 from 4pm to 8 pm whether the fence is up or not. Please bring your own gloves, sturdy shoes or boots, and cordless drills with screwdriver bits and any other tool you think would be a benefit.

Hello Gardeners,

The next workdays are scheduled as follows:

Thursday, June 10, *4-8* updated

Saturday, June 12 8am, all day
Sunday, June 13 10am, all day

We need to have some dedicated volunteers to help build the new plots in the extended garden. Please come and give at least a couple hours of your time over the three available days. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done and I’m really counting on many of you to come help out.

The workdays are scheduled to help the garden in general, in essence, to be a community gardener.
Please work on your own plots during other hours. The workdays are meant for total community benefit. There is plenty to do: We need to turn compost, weed pathways and community areas and put the shed back in order, just to name a few. But most important is building the plots.

On non-workday hours: some plots are looking rather shaggy. Please tend your plots and remember that seemingly abandoned plots will be reassigned. Do not let weeds grow in your plots: they spread very fast into other people’s plots! Use organic mulch (straw, hulls, etc) and remember to use only organic manure, fertilizer or additives.

Thanks, I’ll see you soon!

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