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Hello Gardeners!

I wanted to bring your attention to the forum areas of the website. I’ve added a couple forums that I think will be helpful over the season. Feel free to also leave notes on the bulletin board at the garden, too.

Note that recent posts in the forum are located in a list on the left side of the site. To go to the main forum page, click the forum icon on the top list of icons.

Also, please note that I’ve added a couple of new forums. If you’re out of town and need someone to water or otherwise care for your plants, post a note in the “Out of Town?” forum.  If you would like to alert Renee to items that are okay for her to harvest and take to Camp Street Ministries, leave a note in the “Donations to Camp Street Ministries Forum.” This way she can subscribe to the forum and get notes emailed to her or she can check on thursday nights, make a list and then take care of business Friday mornings.

To write a post in the forum you do not need to be registered. So far there has been little spam, but if the spam increases over time, then I will have to require registration. For now, if you want to leave a message as a guest,  include your name and plot number in the body of the post.

One thought on “New Forums

  • June 8, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    The Garden looks Beautiful!!!!
    Thanks to all for all your hard work!!!!
    I left mulching hay vs straw at picnic tables for anyone to use for mulch. I used this last year it kept the soil moist and less weeds. You can use anything pine needles, grass clippings, buckwheat.
    It is the same stuff I used last year so it does not flower or spread.


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