Garden Update

Hello Gardeners and Prospective Gardeners,

I want to thank all of you who came to the our first workweekend this past Saturday & Sunday. The transformation of the garden is just incredible. I know some of you were taking photos throughout the weekend, so whatever you’ve got, send them my way so I can put together some before/after images if possible.

There are a number of resident gardeners and waitlisters who gave a significant portion of their time to the garden. You know who you are, and you are very much appreciated.

This Thursday (tonight) I will be at the garden from about 5pm-7pm, weather permitting. If you need to meet me to sign a contract for your plot, this would be a good time. Or if you just want to drop by, say hello, and help me weed that’d be cool, too. I will leave some contracts in the shed with an envelope to leave payment. Please do not leave cash in the envelope. Remember, payment must be received by the 15th of May or your plot will be reassigned. This is very important!

Terrace: As many of you know, the terrace is going to be community food, flowers and herbs. I’m asking that nobody plant anything in the terrace until the after the 15th, when we can make a somewhat structured and functional plan. Before then, the soil could use a good turning, and some black compost could be added. When we do plant things, please use plant markers so nobody accidentally uproots your work. If anyone would like to be in on planning the terrace planting, let me know and we’ll set up a meeting at the garden. I will be putting the plan for the terrace on the website and the bulletin board. Try to adhere as much as possible, since we will use companion planting to boost production for all of us and donation.

Fixing plots: Many of the plots have been fixed, but there are a few still needed to be reformed. If you are interested in helping out for at least 2 hours on the next workday (which will be announced) send me your phone number and I will contact you with more information/instructions once I have it.

Bin compost: Water and turn the compost in the bins when possible/necessary.

Delivered compost: It’s a kind thing to leave a wheelbarrow full of sifted compost for those gardeners who may have trouble sifting it themselves. Currently, there is a wheelbarrow full of sifted compost in front of the bulletin board. If it is empty, it would be nice to sift some and leave it.

Website: Please note that there is now a forum section on the website to give and take knowledge from our vast collection of gardeners. Also remember that the website has the most current information for the garden. If you know a gardener that does not have access to the internet, please be sure to fill them in.

Hopefully see you tonight!

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