General Weeding Needed

With the recent rains and wonderful weather, there has been an onslaught of new growth from both our wanted plants and our unwanted weeds. Please weed your own plots and around your plots, and take a few minutes to do at least part of a community area.

Justin & I severely pruned back the enormous marjoram/oregano (we’re not sure which) plant on the lowest rung of the terrace. We left some cuttings and some bound topped leaves in the box on the picnic table. Please feel free to take it. We also pulled up some wild garlic/wild onion (again, not sure which) and that’s in the box, too.

Be careful in the terrace to not pull up any real plants. I think it’s fairly obvious what is a plant and what is a weed. On the squash mounds, most of the seeds have sprouted, but the mounds are covered in small weeds. The area by the bees needs some work and remember to cut any knotweed you see.

Thanks for all your work in the garden, it really looks lovely!!


New Forums

Hello Gardeners!

I wanted to bring your attention to the forum areas of the website. I’ve added a couple forums that I think will be helpful over the season. Feel free to also leave notes on the bulletin board at the garden, too.

Note that recent posts in the forum are located in a list on the left side of the site. To go to the main forum page, click the forum icon on the top list of icons.

Also, please note that I’ve added a couple of new forums. If you’re out of town and need someone to water or otherwise care for your plants, post a note in the “Out of Town?” forum.  If you would like to alert Renee to items that are okay for her to harvest and take to Camp Street Ministries, leave a note in the “Donations to Camp Street Ministries Forum.” This way she can subscribe to the forum and get notes emailed to her or she can check on thursday nights, make a list and then take care of business Friday mornings.

To write a post in the forum you do not need to be registered. So far there has been little spam, but if the spam increases over time, then I will have to require registration. For now, if you want to leave a message as a guest,  include your name and plot number in the body of the post.

New Gardeners: Check this out!

Seekonk Public Library (Rte. 152/Newman Ave.)
“Principles of Organic Gardening”
Thursday, May 20th, 6:30 to 8 PM
Katherine Brown, Exec. Dir. of Southside Community Land Trust in Prov. will give a presentation on organic gardening–turning over the soil for the first time, preparing the soil, selecting hardy seedlings, fertilizing, and insect control. Donations welcome. For more info, call 508-336-3594.

Terrace Planting Map

Hello Gardeners!

Kim, Justin & I planted some different kinds of squash in the terrace; Feel free to plant Sunflowers, Cucumbers or other climbing fruits in between the squash.

Plant fruiting annuals like tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, peppers, or other companion plants in the 3rd and 4th terraces. Feel free to put annual or perennial herbs in between fruiting plants, but try to look up compatability / companion plants to keep pests away and  promote better fruits.  To see a good list of companion plants, visit this site.

Here’s a map of what we have done so far.

The plants are marked with markers and/or sticks. Please don’t uproot them when you plant and be sure to mark your plants so that they are not uprooted by other ambitious gardeners!

Also remember the bulletin board is a community area, too.

Who would be on board to working on the Kid’s Plot? If anybody has an old swingset they’d like to donate to the garden, we’d love to have it there for them and let beans other climbers go to town! Anything that would be fun for the kids to plant, pick, eat and/or play on, would be fantastic.

Cooking Club Invite

Hey Gardeners & Foodies…

I want to let you know about a cooking club that happens every month-ish at Brown University Center for Environmental Studies at 135 Angell St. on Providence’s East Side. The next meeting is THIS FRIDAY, MAY 14th!

Some of our gardeners are regulars like last year’s manager, Christie Moulton, John Rousseau and myself (Keri). We hope to see some more familiar faces at this community event.

“In honor of May Day, we will focus on cheese and yogurt making for this meeting. As the hills turn green, pasture animals begin producing milk heralding a time of abundance. Below are the items we will be including in the menu. Please RSVP to Victoria at As always, we will accept RSVP’s until we reach our cap of 15.”

On the menu for this Friday is:

  • Paneer cheese
  • Saag paneer
  • Asparagus frittata
  • Homemade Yogurt
  • and for desert….Yogurt cheese peras with Rosewater Syrup

Admission is (nom nom) nominal: only $12 per person and you get to take some yogurt starter home. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So please, sign up and enjoy some creamy deliciousness this weekend.