Plot Assignment Update

Hello Gardeners!

If you’ve signed up for a plot but haven’t heard from me, here’s why: Last week I wrote all of the current gardeners to see who wants to stay on for the 2010 season. I’ve heard from almost all of them, and as soon as I have everything squared up, I’ll start handing out assignments.

This year, I’ll be reassigning abandoned plots in late July for Summer/ Fall harvests. If I can’t fit you in for the Spring, I’ll get you in on the Fall. There’s a lot of great news to come and I’m sure there’s a place for everyone.

If you are a member already and wouldn’t mind sharing your plot, let me know. Also, you may lend your plot to a person on the wait list if you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time.

Regardless, if you would like a plot, please register on the waitlist, as I will be giving plots on a first-come basis.

Happy Spring!


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