2010 Season Plot Assignments / Payments

Hi Everybody!

Right now I’m updating the plot lists. A few of you have asked me where to send payment. Bring payment with you to the first workday, which will be announced shortly. I will update the site as soon as I have the dates.

Also, the wait list can be used for keeping your plot, too. It’s just one list. If you leave a note in the form that tells me your plot number, I will mark it on my physical list. I’m just trying to solidify all the lists into one megalist. 🙂

Right now is a sort of preliminary count so I can assign plots to those who are waiting on the wait list. I’m so happy to see so much enthusiasm! It’s going to be a great season!!

If you have questions about where your plot is, check the map on the website.

If you are on facebook, sign up to be a fan and get updates that way.

You can also follow the twitter .


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