Nice Weather, eh?

So the past few days have really given me Spring Fever. What about you?

There are a lot of new things happening for the garden this year, and I can’t wait to tell you about them. One thing I can tell you for sure, is that there will be a restructuring party of plots who have fattened up over the years. For now, if you plan on doing any early planting, do not plant things near the border of your plot to ensure the safety of your seedlings. More information will be given about this as it gets closer to mid-April.

At the last board meeting we went over the schedule for the garden this year. As soon as I get the minutes I will post them here and also I will update the calendar.

If you would like to renew your plot from last year, please fill out the Wait List form and add your plot number in the “other information” field.

If you are unsure of your plot number, see if you can find it on the Plot Map or at least get as close as you can, as I haven’t done a physical verification of this drawing yet.

Remember: There is now an upload section for garden photos in the sidebar to the left. If you can’t see it, scroll down a little. As soon as a photo is approved, it will be posted. in the rotating gallery on the front page.

Suggestions are always welcome!

Happy Spring, Everyone!


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