We recognize that workdays are hard for some people to make. Please make time to do the things on this list when you are tending your own garden. Remember that it is part of your agreement with the garden to give a a couple hours per month toward the benefit of the entire garden. Thank you for your help!


  • Pull out Japanese Knot Weed.
  • Add black compost to first, third and fourth tiers
  • Weed between flowers and perennials.
  • Do not harvest from recently transplanted lavender to give it time to root.


  • Pull mint. Take home to your own garden or plant in smaller pots and place around the garden. Remember that mint can be invasive, so plant it carefully, and please don’t plant it in your plots.
  • Pull all weeds.
  • Spread woodchips in pathways that have been cleared of weeds. (more to come soon)


  • Sift compost for others who may not be able to sift it themselves. Leave in buckets.


  • Break down any large sticks/twigs into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Turn the compost piles.
  • Add green material only to the first (leftmost) bin closest to the terrace.


  • Pick up trash.
  • Rake & dispose of debris.
  • Carefully weed between perennials.