2010 Garden Manager Position Opening

Hey all,
I will be stepping down as manager next season (but sticking around Providence and hopefully tending a plot in the garden). The Fox Point Garden Board is currently accepting resumes and letters of interest for the position. If you would like to manage the garden please send me your resume and a short letter explaining your interest in the position and why you think you’d be good at it by Dec. 21st. Here’s the Garden Manager job description:

The garden manager is the point person for the garden who will energize the community around gardening. The manager will get to know the gardeners, receive their feedback and communicate frequently to help gardeners as problems or questions arise. As the point person, the manager is available to solve problems such as water leaks, broken locks, abandoned plots, or other issues. General duties are:

  • Communicate with current gardeners (approximately 80 people) to find out who wants to keep their plot in 2010
  • Maintain a waiting list and assign plots as necessary
  • Collect and update contact information for each garden plot
  • Enforce garden rules; collecting the garden fee and signed garden contract from all gardeners
  • Organize workdays, potlucks, garden meetings and other events
  • Be at the garden for weekly “office hours” during the height of the season
  • Oversee garden committees
  • Attend board meetings
  • Handle garden communications: writing emails to gardeners; writing, editing and posting items to the garden website; posting information on the bulletin board and garden fence
  • Be responsible for general garden maintenance (keeping track of locks, tools, making sure everything is working)

The position pays a stipend of $2,500 and includes a plot in the garden. The Garden Manager position is a 12-month commitment, from early January until the end of December.

I really enjoyed being a part of the garden community this season! Thanks to everyone for the food, knowledge, and energy you shared! Hope to see you at the garden next spring…


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