Workday Scheduled for Tuesday

Hey all,
Too bad about the weather on Saturday, luckily Sunday was a warm and pleasant day and we got a lot of work done with only a few people. Our last garden workday will be this Tuesday from 2-5pm. I wish I could schedule it later for folks who work ’til 5 but unfortunately it will be dark out! Come join as we plant some bulbs in the terrace, do some shed organization, and learn about our bees.

Putting Garden Beds to Bed:
Please do the following in your plot:

  • Pull up all tomato plants and weeds and put into brown bags.
  • All other plant material can be composted- but our compost bins are overflowing, so you can compost at home or put into brown bags
  • Pull up all stakes, cages etc. and put them in the shed if they belong to the garden.

Anyone have any favorite techniques for preparing beds for the winter? I know I’ve seen lots of leaf mulch and also some straw. If you have any tips please share them with the other gardeners! Leave your comment here!


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