Workday Scheduled for Tuesday

Hey all,
Too bad about the weather on Saturday, luckily Sunday was a warm and pleasant day and we got a lot of work done with only a few people. Our last garden workday will be this Tuesday from 2-5pm. Read more

Saturday Workday Canceled!

Oh no, looks like we’ll be rained out for our workday tomorrow! It’s supposed to start raining before dawn and continue through the afternoon. The rain date will be Tuesday 11/17 in the afternoon, 2-5pm. I’ll send out an email tomorrow with an update about Sunday’s workday.

A good rainy day activity would be checking out the indoor farmers market in Pawtucket, Saturdays from 11-2pm. If you come, stop by the Farm Fresh info booth and say hi!



Work Weekend Saturday and Sunday

Greetings all gardeners!

Hopefully some of you are still happily harvesting kale, collards, brussel sprouts (tastier after the frost!) and other hearty goods from your plots. It is time to pull up (and throw out) those old tomato plants, and do our final round of garden clean-up before winter!

The work weekend is this weekend, Nov. 14th + 15th. Saturday from 8:30-12:30 and Sunday from 9-12. Please come and help out. Also, gardeners who come will get some garlic cloves to plant in their plot. This tasty garlic will pop up next June and you’ll have the pleasure of harvesting garlic scapes as one of your first crops!

Work Weekend Tasks – I’ll post this list on the bulletin board Saturday morning. Here’s what we need to do finish up the season:

       Clear out overflow of compost bins
       Pack weeds and plans that can’t be composted into brown bags 
       Clean up terrace
       Plant tulip bulbs on terrace
       Plant extra garlic cloves on terrace
       Inventory tools & equipment
       Clean up our communal storage space in the shed

But most importantly… spend some quality moments outside with the piece of land you tended and the fellow gardeners you met. It will be fun!

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make our harvest party a success. From the satisfying soups to the beautiful veggie decor and the one-of-a-kind raffle items, the whole evening was a blast. Plus we raised almost $700 for the garden!

Pass on your gardening wisdom!
If you have any garden tips, photos, or recipes that you ‘d like to share, consider posting them on our website. Email Keri to find out how.

See you this weekend! (Or maybe earlier, I’ll be at the Farm City, City Farm event on Thursday, November 12 at 7pm.)