First Day of Fall

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, and today is the first full day of fall! It’s a tasty period of transition. We should appreciate those summer fruits now (cherry tomatoes, peppers, husk cherries, and tomatillos!) while also welcoming the hearty harvests that sustain us through colder weather.

The days are going to shorten – so I know I’m planning to spend time in the garden while I still can. Here are our upcoming events:

  • Workshop on Winter Growing: Wednesday October 7, 6:30- 7:30pm, hosted by the Brown Community Garden, 135 Angell St.


  • HARVEST PARTY AND FUNDRAISER, Oct 22, 6pm 32 Sheldon St.

  • End of season workday: date TBA
    We are still accepting donations of produce for Camp St. Ministries. Here’s what we donated a couple weeks ago. Detailed notes of what can be harvested from your plot can be left in the envelope posted to the bulletin board. You can also email Renee:

    Auction Items:
    I still need more auction items from all of you! This is your chance to help out in the fundraiser – the money will go to making our garden a better place. Please email me details about the auction item you can donate ASAP. Remember it can be a service, a gift certificate, a skill you’ll share, something you make, etc. And don’t forget to save the date of our party: 10-22!

    See you at the garden,

Our recently donated produce from the garden.
Our recently donated produce from the garden.


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