Update Workday now Wednesday

The weeds at the garden are getting a little crazy! We were supposed to have our workday on Tuesday – but the weather is saying thunderstorms in the afternoon, so I have decided to change the day. We will have a weeding/wood chip spreading workday,  Wednesday August 12th from 5:00 – 6:30. We’ll also have a crew working on the terrace. Please stop by even for a short while to lend a hand and meet your fellow gardeners! 

If you cannot make it to the work day, please weed the perimeter of your garden plot and the nearest pathway before Wednesday at 5:00.  The less weeds in the garden the less we’ll each have in our plots! 

Produce Donations
During the height of the season all of us can be a little overwhelmed by the giant zucchinis and little cherry tomatoes bursting from our plots. Or maybe you know you have a busy week ahead, or a vacation, and won’t be able to get to your plot and harvest what is ripe before it falls to the ground and gets munched on by bugs. Why not give just a little bit of your homegrown bounty to folks who could really use fresh, tasty food? There are now two ways to give:
  • Flag your plot: there will be flags under the bulletin board, that you can take and stick in the corner of your plot. A couple of volunteers will come to the garden every Friday morning and harvest what is ripe in each flagged plot. They will not take everything! Just the ripest items – things that look like they really need to be picked.
  • Produce donation bin: you can place your extra harvest in the gray bin under the picnic table. The bin will be collected every Friday morning – so please keep that in mind. Heartier items can probably stay in the bin for a day but more delicate items should be harvested late on Thursday evenings or early on Friday morning. If you would like to help out with harvesting the produce for donation email Sarah Mack at smack10@gmail.com
Mark your calendars…

  • Work day – Wednesday August 11th @ 5pm
  • Potluck Dinner – Thursday Aug 20th @6pm
  • Potluck Dinner – Sunday Sep 13th @6pm
  • Annual Fundrasier – Thursday Oct 22nd @6pm


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