Update from the Garden Manager

Greetings all gardeners,

Happy August! The sun has been shining and the garden is starting to have a lot more color – green tomatoes are finally turning red! Peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini and getting bigger and bigger.

This week my hours at the garden will be Thursday, August 6th from 5:30-6:30.
Please come if you have any questions or me, and to help me weed the terrace!

Donations Committee

  • We are still finalizing the “marking” system for the plots so I will let you know ASAP
  • Please mark your plot if you are leaving town for a bit or just have extra!
  • Folks will meet around 9am every Friday to harvest the produce from the terrace and marked plots
  • We will be donating the produce to Camp St. Ministries
  • If you can help with the donations committee email: smack10@gmail.com


  • If you haven’t checked out the site yet – you should, it looks great! http://www.foxpointgarden.org/
  • If any of you have your own blogs, email  Keri kayemme@yahoo.com to let her know so we can link them to the garden blog
  • You can also email Keri about becoming a contributor to the site you can you can post recipes, articles, etc.

Upcoming Events

  • Workday Tuesday August 11 @ 5pm
  • Potluck Thursday August 20 @ 6pm

See you at the garden!


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