Fundraiser Info and Garden Manager “office” hours

This week I will be at the garden Thursday from 5:30 – 6:30pm. If you have any questions or want to help with weeding/caring for the terrace, come by! Read on for information about our fundraiser…

Fox Point Garden Harvest Party and Fundraiser:

The Fox Point Community Garden has an annual tradition of having a fall fundraiser/party!
Here’s how it works:

Where: Portuguese Social Club, 32 Sheldon St., upstairs.
When: Thursday October 22, 6-8pm
Why: To raise fund for the garden (tools, new structures, maintenance, etc.) and to celebrate the great season we have shared!
What: live music, lots of food + drink, $5 donation at the door, Silent Auction, cash bar downstairs

What can you do to help?

  • Think of an auction item you can donate. Do you have a good or service others might want? For example, framing a photo, giving legal advice, etc. Or solicit a donation from your favorite restaurant, hair salon, or other local business. Be creative!
  • Invite family, friends, neighbors etc!

Important dates:

  • October 1st: All auction items should be identified and told to me
  • October 15th: Short planning meeting @ the garden, tasks for the day of party are assigned
  • October 22nd: Come enjoy the party!!!

See you at the garden,

Time for Fall Planting and more

Here is the garden update for this week:

Time for Fall Planting!!

Now is the time to plant some crops you’ll get to harvest in late fall. I’m planting beets, peas, carrots and lettuce. This article details what varieties are good to plant now:
Doing some planting? Plant a few extra seeds in the terrace and label them! Or post your extra seeds on the bulletin board for other gardeners.

Potlucks and Parties
Potluck season is here. The best way to enjoy fresh produce is to share it with friends. Our last potluck at the garden was fun, it is great to get to know each other since we are sharing a space and working towards a common goal – growing things!  Mark your calendars for…

  • Fox Point Potluck at the garden Sunday, Sept. 13th @ 6:00 pm
  • City Wide Community Garden Potluck Saturday Sept. 12th @ the Bridgham Community Garden in Prov’s West Side 5-7pm. All Fox Point Community Gardeners are invited (plus the other 450 community gardeners in the city!) This will be a great networking, educational, and family event!
  • Harvest Party, Thurs Oct. 22 @ 6:00 pm (a BIG potluck and fundraiser with live music, a silent auction, etc.)

Donate Produce Thursday Nights or Friday Mornings
If you are stopping by the garden on Thursday to water, weed etc. harvest something extra for a local food pantry. Put donations in the plastic bins under the picnic table. Or email Renee with instructions so she can harvest something from your plot for you: It’s very sad to see produce rot and go to waste when many of our neighbors could use some food!


  • Put the handle down on the main water spigot (or else water leaks and we have a big mess of mud)
  • Lock the gate! If you are leaving the garden and see just one other gardener, ask them which gate they will use to exit and make sure the other gate is locked! This year too much money has gone to replacing locks… so let’s try to hold on to the ones we have.
  • Keep checking out the website, now with a great recipe for sun dried tomatoes:     What have you been cooking, growing, or learning this season? Contribute to the site, email Keri

Here’s to a (finally) sunny summer!


Sun-Dried (oven actually) Tomatoes in Oil

There are lots of ways to dry tomatoes. This is one method to get you started. Experimentation is the key and the more you do it the better your feel for doing it will be.

Take a quantity of Tomatoes (4lbs or more is a good starting point) – small ripe plum tomatoes, like Roma or Amish Paste, are preferred but any tomato can be used. I’ve used Cherry Tomatoes quite successfully although it takes quite a lot of them. Also larger tomatoes can be dried by cutting them into wedges no more than an inch or so thick.

Slice the tomatoes in half and put them on racks (cooling racks work well) on trays. Sprinkle some pickling salt or kosher salt on them and drizzle just a touch of oil, olive works well, on each tomato half.

Since our weather won’t allow for easily drying tomatoes in the sun, we’ll use the overn instead. Put the Tomatoes into a warm oven – 170-190 degrees. On my oven the warm setting works well. Try to put them in the middle and insure there is good airflow all the way around them. Slightly prop the door open, 1 or 2 inches is sufficient. Now let them dry – it can take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours or longer depending on the tomatoes. Check them periodically. You’ll notice they’ve shrunk substantially and they will be done when firm but not completely dried out.

Gather up the dried Tomatoes, they will be greatly reduced in size and soak them in warm vinegar for about 20 minutes or so – red wine vinegar or cider vinegar is preferred but any will work.

Drain the tomatoes and put them into a clean sterilized glass gar alternating 1 or 2 layers of tomatoes with a whole clove of garlic or a whole hot pepper. Once the jar is full, press well to let any air escape and completely cover them with Olive Oil all the way to the rim, leaving only about 1/16th of an inch of space below the rim. . These should keep very well for a long time if you keep them in a cool dark place, I keep mine in the fridge. You can sterilize a jar by boiling in water for 10 minutes.

They can be used as hors d’oeuvres or served with pasta, pizza, meat or fish.

Your mileage may vary, good luck and let me know how they turn out.


Citywide Community Garden Potluck

Hi everyone,
The Southside Community Land Trust is helping to organize a city-wide community garden celebration –  all of the 550 community gardeners in the city will be invited. The day consists of two events, Open Gardens and a Potluck. 12 of the city’s gardens are opening up their gates and offering tours during the day, and in the evening there will be at giant potluck. The potluck  is going to be Saturday, Sept 12 from 5-7 PM at the Bridgham Community Garden on the west side roughly at the corner of Westminster St & Bridgham St, Providence, Rhode Island. Map

There will be a poster and more info shortly.