The Garden is in the Projo!

The Fox Point Community Garden is featured in a Providence Journal article by Tom Meade along with a picture of the great sculptures from the Steelyard by Bob Thayer.


The garden’s rules also call for organic growing methods. Chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are prohibited. In the three years that the garden has been growing, imported soil, compost, and decaying mulch have enriched the plots. The soil is black, and it feels rich. In some of the plots, the soil supported kale through the winter, and by early July, the plants had formed beanlike seed pods.

A decorative black, chain-link fence surrounds the garden. On the fence and in the some of the allotments, metal sculpture sprouts. A steel praying mantis guards one plot. Tibetan prayer flags grace two other plots.

In a corner, a colony of honey bees hums contently as its foragers fly beelines to gather nectar and pollen. Near the Seekonk River, the bees have access to nectar and pollen from late winter, when skunk cabbage blooms, to autumn when Japanese knotweed, goldenrod, and other wildflowers offer dark, robust nectar.

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