Garden Manager Update

Hi everyone,

The first potluck was a lot of fun. There were many tasty dishes featuring freshly harvested peas, beans, and herbs. It was great to meet some of you for the first time! I hope you join at us the next potluck: August 20th 6 pm. You can find the schedule of garden events here. Our annual fundraiser is October 22nd 6 pm, mark your calendars now! We have a silent auction at the fundraiser, made up of items contributed by gardeners- please start thinking about possible auction items now.

It’s committee time!
I highly encourage you to join a committee. Put in just a few hours and help make the garden a better place. Read below for info about the committees and which ones still need leaders.

  • Compost Committee: Creating fertility from waste! Tasks: turning and watering the piles, adding green or brown materials as needed. Chair: Graham Holland :
  • Terrace Committee: Growing food for our community! Tasks: weeding, watering, planting more veggies. Chair: looking for someone who can help organize other gardeners to tend the terrace.
  • Donations Committee: Sharing the Harvest! Tasks: figuring out a system for gardeners to mark what they don’t want, harvesting and donating weekly. Chair: Rabbi Sarah Mack
  • Website Committee: Creating a site to share photos and information! Tasks: updating site, uploading photos, getting other gardeners to participate in the site. Chair: Keri Marion
  • Harvest Party Committee: Planning a garden celebration and fundraiser! Tasks: organize auction, music, and food for the party on Oct. 22. Chair: still need someone primarily to help organize the auction.
  • Bee Committee: Care for our bees! Tasks: assist with hive maintenance. Chair: Angel Dean

Please email me to become a chair of a committee! To begin helping on a committee you can email the chair.When the summer is in full swing it can be hard to keep up with the explosion of zucchini, cukes and tomatoes all at the same time. Or maybe you are going away for a week and don’t want anything to go bad. We will use a flagging system so that the donations committee can harvest extra produce from the garden. Produce will be brought to Camp St. Ministries.
Let’s use the bulletin board to communicate and share garden-related things with each other. The bulletin board can be used for:

Got Extra Produce?

The Bulletin Board

  • extra seeds
  • articles and information about plant care, pests, disease etc.
  • terrace watering schedule
  • the garden calendar – potlucks dates, workdays, etc.
  • community events can go on the side of the board that faces the dog park

See you at the garden,

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